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Your roof is a large element of your home that keeps you safe and dry during harsh weather. If you want to extend the life of your system and make it stronger and more weather-resistant, book our professional roof waterproofing services now. 307 Imperial Roofing is a company well-known in Jackson, WY for our diligence, serious attitude, and care for our clients’ safety.


Such an inspection usually includes a thorough analysis of the rooftop, the deck, and all the rest of the components. After the inspection is done, our roofers will talk to you about the following points:


  • What materials to add to waterproof your roof
  • The steps of the process
  • How long the materials will last
  • What upkeep they will need
  • Signs of leakage


Of course, you are free to ask any more questions about the topics that bother you. Roof waterproofing is a complex project that we conduct with great care and attention to detail. We add a layer of an impermeable material to make the rooftop stronger and longer-lasting. The process guarantees to stop any water ingress and makes the surface completely waterproof.


When you book our dependable services, our skilled roofers will do just about everything they can to complete the job quickly. Adding a waterproof barrier to an existing roof is a complicated task and takes time depending on the size of the roof. However, our technicians have the experience, skills, and equipment to perform such jobs with ease. Investing in our waterproofing services will make your system sturdier. You will save yourself a lot of stress and unnecessary expense.


If your current roof has frequent problems, and you spend a lot of money on repairs, call our roofers from 307 Imperial Roofing at (307) 220-8989. We will come to inspect the system and suggest an effective solution. We are in Jackson, WY.

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