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More About Our Snow Removal Service

If you are based in or around Jackson, WY then you have probably heard about 307 Imperial Roofing – one of the finest local roofers. However, did you know that during the winter months we offer our clients special roofing maintenance services? If you did not, stay on this page to learn more about it. Besides ice dam prevention and snow removal, we can also help with a variety of other snow management jobs.


Our contractors are well-trained and prepared to help you take care of your roof system during the colder months. They are not afraid to climb ladders and shovel the snow from your roof manually. Equipped with reliable tools and products, they ensure your roofing and gutter systems are free of snow, thus preventing the creation of ice dams. Ice dams are very dangerous not only because can significantly decrease the curb appeal of your home and its value, but also because it poses a safety hazard for people around the property.


When snow is not removed properly, it melts and gets stuck at the edge of the roof and create dams. One way to prevent that from happening is by regularly cleaning your roof after the snowfall. So we offer a special roof snow removal service for our clients. You can schedule an appointment once or have us come and clean your roof every time it snows in Jackson, WY.


Besides shoveling the snow from your roof and clearing it from the gutters, we also remove the snow from the areas around your home, including patio, walkways, driveway, pathways, decks, porches, sidewalks, and more. Whatever your snow removal service needs might be, we are well-trained and prepared to handle it. We offer plowing, shoveling, removal, and ice control services at very affordable prices.


Want to find out more about 307 Imperial Roofing or what else we do for our clients based in Jackson, WY? If so, contact us at (307) 220-8989 now.snow

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