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Our Home Inspection Service Includes Roof Inspection

Just as your plumbing and electrical systems, your roof is a vital component of your property. Yet, the roof over your head is often neglected until something goes wrong. However, similar to wiring and pipes, a damaged or not correctly installed and neglected roof can have serious implications for the integrity of the interior and structure, placing both the occupants and contents of a home at risk of injury or damage. The perfect way you can avoid issues and keep your family and home safe is with a professional roof inspection – something you cannot afford to do without. This is where 307 Imperial Roofing steps in, providing excellent home inspection services. We are conveniently based in Jackson, WY.



When you hire an expert to inspect your roof, you eliminate the risk of injury associated with falling off a rooftop or a ladder. You can also remove the risk of damage to your roof. Professional contractors carry the right tools, equipment, insurance, and safety gear to protect your roof and themselves.



It takes a trained eye to spot many minor roofing problems before they quickly become major damage. Our company can inspect for leaks, improper flashing, rot and mold, structural issues, gutter or downspout concerns, as well as deteriorated shingles.


Cost Savings

The sooner you discover and fix any issues with your roof, the better. If you leave a small problem unattended, it can quickly become costly and extensive. The cost of an annual roof inspection can be minimal in comparison to that of installing a new roof, interior fix, or mold remediation, such as fresh paint and drywall. Based in Jackson, WY, we use only high-quality tools, equipment, and a lot of precision. We are waiting for your phone call!


Are you looking for a professional home inspection service provider in Jackson, WY? 307 Imperial Roofing is the company you should choose. Pick up the phone and contact us at (307) 220-8989 today!

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